Monday, July 8th, 2024

Tony Ann

Piazza delle Feste, Porto Antico di Genova

A virtuoso by profession, Tony Ann is a solo pianist with grand ideas. He seamlessly merges modern and classical styles with breathtaking effects. A passionate connoisseur of harmony, Ann constantly seeks new ways not only to push the boundaries of neoclassical and instrumental music but also of popular music. Ann masterfully utilizes all eighty-eight keys at his disposal, delivering original compositions infused with emotion, technique, and expansiveness.

With over 100 million views and an overall following of more than 5 million followers on social media, Ann has successfully navigated the online world, introducing new generations to neoclassical music, particularly through his series “#playthatword.” Using the alphabet written on his keyboard, Ann has created original compositions based on words suggested by his audience, many of which have been officially released.

This year, Ann released a trilogy of EPs (EMOTIONALLY BLUE, ORANGE, and RED) in collaboration with Decca Records France (Universal Music Group). In addition to his solo work, Tony enjoys collaborating with other musicians, as seen in tracks released with Don Diablo, Wrabel, and L.Dre, showcasing his musical versatility and willingness to delve into different genres such as EDM, Lofi, and Pop. Ann has also collaborated with The Chainsmokers on writing the platinum singles “Sick Boy,” “Call You Mine (feat. Bebe Rexha),” and the gold single “Side Effects (feat. Emily Warren).” Touring with the band as the official keyboardist for the North American “Memories: Do Not Open” tour, he has also performed with them on SNL and Good Morning America.

After a recent four-show sold-out residency at Le 360 in Paris, Tony Ann is excited to bring his show to Europe in April 2024.