Thursday, August 29, 2024

Ty Segall
Solo acoustic

Teatro Arena Conchiglia, Sestri Levante, Genoa

After just a year and a half since the last ‘Hello, Hi,’ musician, singer-songwriter, and record producer from Laguna Beach, TY SEGALL arrives in Italy with his fifteenth studio album, ‘Three Bells,’ released via Drag City Records on January 26. In addition to the previously released singles ‘Eggman’ and ‘Void’ in recent months, the album includes the brand-new ‘My Room,’ whose video was directed by Matt Yoka and Ty Segall himself.

Following the acoustic introspection of 2022’s ‘Hello, Hi,’ Ty Segall takes us on an even deeper and wilder journey into himself with ‘Three Bells.’ In this album, Ty Segall immerses himself in a profound exploration of his subconscious, an obsessive odyssey to express himself and seek answers to the questions we often force ourselves to confront alone, when facing the mirror of our inner selves. In the music, this inner dialogue comes to life through eccentric and ever-changing compositions. The notes move like variations around a repetitive theme, constructing a claustrophobic and paranoid atmosphere, as if they are wandering in search of self-acceptance. His musical exploration becomes a kind of journey towards achieving deep self-awareness and acceptance.

As with the recent ‘Hello, Hi,’ Ty Segall once again enlists the help of his wife, Denée Segall, who co-wrote five tracks, the Freedom Band, and Cooper Crain, who produced and mixed most of the album.

‘Three Bells’ is a musical journey that pushes Ty Segall further and deeper than he has ever dared before. A masterpiece of personal expression that manifests through words, music, and production. The album tackles melancholy in a parabolic way with enveloping compassion, in an uninterrupted flow of captivating sounds.